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Some people just need some reassurance on their own ideas, while others couldn't dream of making difficult decisions when the options seem endless.  Either way, I can help make your space not only beautiful and functional.... but also your own.


When I approach a project, I immediately learn your lifestyle and dreams to make sure that the design advice I offer matches those goals in every aspect.  I also want to be sure that the whole experience is fun and insightful!  You will find that I provide useful advice on all sorts of interior and exterior design choices, and that I take even the smallest DIY project seriously.  My hope is that my way of helping you extends beyond just "decorating."  I want to help you create a space that will be used and loved for years to come! 

Having been an interior designer for almost 20 years primarily in the Metro-Orlando area, I have been blessed enough to tap into my true passion--to create spaces that bring joy and comfort to people's lives.  When I decided to pursue a career in interior design, I had no idea of the opportunities that would be presented to me early on--and at such a young age.  Being able to work with such talented individuals, and to design and manage complex construction and custom detailing, has opened my eyes to the vast possibilities that exist when you just "think outside the box" and truly listen to the needs of others.  I have made a quiet, subdued mark in the Design world because nothing is more important to me than hearing the compliments, contentment, and referrals that I continue to receive.

Now with the ability to travel virtually anywhere at anytime and located on the East coast of Central Florida, I specialize in specialty detailing, design advice, new construction, remodels, color selections, space planning, vacation properties, and assistance with buying and selling real estate throughout the country and around the globe.  Give me a call so we can speak personally.  Or book an appointment online.  Either way, I'd love to help you!

Marla Greenough


Real Design and Advice.

From a Real Person.

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