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Level up your space.

Meet Marla Rahmin

Passionate.  Talented.  Visionary.


After obtaining an Interior Design degree over 20 years ago, Marla was immediately immersed into the custom, luxury design world alongside extremely talented and well-respected associates.  She obtained the highest level possible as an Interior Designer, a Professionally Licensed Interior Designer in Florida.


Marla has created spaces for many prestigious entertainers, professional athletes, and those looking for the ultimate in the interior design experience.  She has designed and managed countless complex construction detailing projects all the way through to furnishings and finishing touches with both professionalism and style, while having some fun with her clients along the way!


Marla continues to immerse herself in conferences, trade shows, continuing education, and unique sourcing opportunities around the world to ensure she always has a leg up not only in the interiors industry, but in related industries as well.  She therefore offers a unique insight and vision on clients’ projects.


"I am a real person that loves my family, positive energy, and bringing smiles and laughter.  I am extremely passionate about my clients’ dreams and their projects, and it shows in my attention to every tiny detail from both a form and a functional standpoint."


Let Interior Designer, Marla Rahmin, help your dreams come true and bring your vision–and those that you probably don’t even realize exist–to life from start to finish!


The Space

Inspirational.  Moving.  Imaginative.

Each property is unique. Whether it is a stunning vacation villa that needs a new life, an empty lot with amazing views, a resort property on the beach, or the dream of building a completely custom space of any kind, it’s what we do.  We create the ultimate in luxury design, with a bit of spunk, for discerning clients in Florida, around the Nation, and even worldwide.  Reimagining a space that exudes positive emotions and experiences is the ultimate goal!


The Approach

Welcoming.  Insightful.  Exciting.


Through a combination of semi-formal and casual processes to gather as much information as possible, the project experience begins.  Marla then digs in with help from the team, and the magic starts to take shape!  Having vast interior design and construction experience, an eye for all things creative, and a constant yearning for adventure including learning and experiencing new things, you’ll find that your project becomes a part of Marla's life and soul.  She strives to find even more amazing inspiration and resources for your individual project!  We hope you become a good fit to add to our list of affluent clientele, because let’s face it.  You’ve worked hard.  You deserve it!


The Experience

Inspiring.  Comforting.  Fulfilling.


When taking on a major remodel or new construction project, you ‘might’ realize that there are so many large and small details and decisions to be made (all while ensuring a cohesive, designer look) and an endless assortment of options available, that the process could seem overwhelming.  Well, all of that gets handed over to our team to relieve you of what could otherwise be a stressful process.  This allows you to focus on your own progress and to continue enjoying life.  You will also find that maintaining privacy for our clients and giving them a first class experience is of utmost importance.  Once we work together, you’ll understand that importance, as you will receive the same treatment.


When approaching the design concept itself, constant inspiration is what helps mold the experience you’ll have working together–one of insight, excitement, and anticipation.  Whether it’s from nature, architecture, old cities, cultures, photography, or wildlife–Marla sees things that become the artistry backbone for a design concept, and she loves that she has the honor to share those visions with her clients and to bring them to life for you every step of the way!

The Role of the Investment

Thoughtful.  Goal-Oriented.  Priceless.


The investment that is made in any new project is one not to be taken lightly.  The spaces that Marla and her team create are meant to be used and loved for years to come, so it truly is an investment into your soul, wellbeing, and often, portfolio.  There is no better feeling than the gratification felt when experiencing a truly amazing space, whether it brings a smile, pure awe, sexiness, curiosity, giggles, or serenity.  We can accomplish any or all of those emotions together, but yes, it does come at a price….  You just have to prepare yourself for an ‘all-in’ commitment, trust your instincts, be open to ideas and willing to explore possibilities!

The Result

Moving.  Artful.  Masterpiece.


With your project finally handed over to you, that’s where the experience and the investment is ultimately gratifying.  Now the vision becomes part of your life and your guests’ lives.  Seeing the collection of all the bits and pieces, thoughtfully arranged, and feeling the flow and the form of what has been created--special-- just for you, will no doubt enrich your life and serve as genuine inspiration and appreciation for your beautiful surroundings.


The result truly is........ blissfully satisfying.


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